When I was planning my wedding, I’ll be honest with you, the last thing I ever would’ve considered was a DC Limousine Service.

What in the world would Washington DC Limousine offer me on my special day?

Cheap Limo Service DC

I envisioned the traditional stretch limousine. Isn’t that what most brides to be and grooms to be will think about? Slipping into the back of a luxurious stretch limousine and feeling like a celebrity or VIP is exactly how a person should feel on their wedding.

So, seriously, a Limousine?

Washington DC Limousine 

It was actually a friend of a friend who suggested it. I was having difficulty getting all of the plans in place and began calling on friends for help. I wanted to do something special for my family and friends who were coming into the area from all over the country. That’s when this friend of a friend suggested I book a DC Limo Service.

They said me and my soon to be spouse can still enjoy limousine experience.

But, my friends and family would be able to board a fleet of Limos, be taken on a guided tour of the city, and that would be a great way to spend the three hours between the ceremony and reception.

When I thought about it more, I realized we didn’t need to bus. We went on the limo with our family and friends and that was some wonderful extra time with people we don’t get to spend a lot of time with. It was simply a great idea.

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